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Gerri's Place / Applications

Thank you for your interest in Gerri’s Place

We are delighted with the interest we have received and we have been inundated with requests since we started running our wellbeing breaks last year. 

We are currently taking applications for our 2024 weekend breaks. If you would like to proceed and put your name down for a break this year please complete the registration form at this link: 

Link for Clients

The aims of our supports are to provide an inclusive space for people to focus on their emotional and mental wellbeing. At times, this type of space might feel emotional and bring up intense and difficult feelings. The registration form is important to help you and us to decide whether it is the right time to attend Gerri’s place. 


Our Breaks:

Duration: All our breaks are 2 nights, Friday evening  to Sunday Lunchtime

Included: 2 Nights’ Accommodation (private room).  All food, classes, activities and workshops.

Cost: €250


We strive to make Gerri’s place inclusive and affordable so we also offer an unwaged rate of €100. (The actual running cost per person to facilitate a weekend is €500). 

We ask that people select a rate depending on what they can afford to give.  We want Gerri’s Place to be inclusive and affordable at all times. The actual cost per person is €500 so people who are in a position to and want to contribute more are welcome to leave an additional donation which goes towards supporting those who cannot, we operate on an honour system.

Once your form has been assessed we will be back in touch with next steps and more details about our weekend breaks.