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  It may surprise some to know that there is a strong link between mental health and the food and drink that we consume. All our body parts are connected to our emotions, but there is a strong brain-gut connection. ​This means that eating well can help us feel well. ​On the other hand, if we are emotionally disturbed when we eat, our digestive process may not work as usual. The stomach has nerve endings that respond to stress hormones. As such, when we are suffering from stress or anxiety, our digestion can get affected and we may develop tummy troubles, such as nausea or bloating. This is sometimes called a “nervous stomach”.       We can improve the way our body processes food through mindful eating. By paying attention to...



Imagine you are working for long hours in the city, up to your neck in deadlines, highly stressed and burnt out. You are not sleeping well, and this feeds into a vicious cycle as you have barely got enough energy to get going. In desperation, you go to a health care professional, expecting to get prescribed some sleep medication. Instead, you get a prescription to go for a walk in the woods.     Sounds implausible?  The positive impact of nature on wellbeing has been proven in numerous research studies so much so that social prescription for nature-based therapies has become more mainstream. ​The Nature on Prescription Handbook, developed by the University of Exeter and used by social prescribers in the UK states “The evidence linking exposure to natu ral...



Are you aware that conscious control of your breathing can help influence how you feel? To reduce feelings of panic and anxiety, breath slowly and deeply. The way you breathe can change your heart rate, reduce stress levels and fight anxiety. When one is stressed, the tendency is to breathe shallow and fast, creating a vicious cycle because this makes the person more panicky. Research shows that deep breathing exercises reduce stress, alleviate chronic pain and improve decision-making.       [caption id="attachment_4379" align="alignright" width="177"] Aisling Plunkett Arc Healing[/caption] ​Aisling Plunkett, a holistic health and wellness coach and founder of Arc Healing, says that"One thing that is great about breathwork is that it is so accessible". She explains how a few minutes can have a big effect: "Everyone can do it, anytime, anywhere....



It is widely known that exercise is very important for our health. It also plays a huge role in reducing stress and anxiety and elevating our moods. Physical activities release endorphins in the body which are linked to higher levels of happiness. In addition, exercise can help you concentrate on your body and what you are doing, instead of the negative thoughts that feed depression and anxiety (Mayo Clinic, 2017). Exercise can be a key strategy in addressing mental health issues for people of any age or fitness level. Research has proven that exercise can relieve symptoms of depression, improve brain growth and create neural pathways that provide a sense of calm and wellbeing. An article in Helpguide cited one Harvard study which shows that 15...