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Help us make Change.

Our aim is to provide inclusive support to those with mild depression, anxiety, stress or burnout and provide access to a range of affordable and holistic therapies. To do this, we need your help. We also facilitate those wishing to “donate a break” on behalf of others.
​Get in touch to find out how you can help us make this change happen.

Help us Make Real Change

Gerri’s Place will bridge an existing gap in Ireland by providing early intervention, holistic preventative support for people who are struggling with their emotional or mental wellbeing through the provision of our wellbeing breaks.

By reaching people earlier and giving them the tools to support themselves it is anticipated that there will be a reduction in referrals to community mental health teams and therefore a reduction in waiting lists for services that are struggling to meet the current demand. By adding to the landscape of supports Gerri’s Place will provide a non-clinical option and become another step on the pathway to wellness enabling people to choose what supports suit them best.

Empowering by giving choice, Gerri’s Place:

  • ​Caters for people experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, disconnection, and disillusionment with current available services
  • Works with adults who want to explore non-medical options, are open to holistic support, and need time and space to reflect and reconnect with themselves and others.

Gerri’s place will be the first early intervention initiative of its kind in Ireland.

We developed a pilot wellness weekend programme which we launched in March 2022. The wellness weekend was structured to mirror our core service offering process, structure and content. We invited 10 participants, all free of charge to participate in the weekend. This weekend was a huge success with all participants providing excellent feedback and confirming the need for this initiative.

Get Involved

How our Donations are spent:


To give you an idea of how donations are spent:
Every €500 will fund one wellness weekend break for one person
Every €2,000 will fund one wellness break for four people
Every €5,000 will fund one of our research programmes


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