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The Inspiration

The inspiration for Gerri’s Place came from a personal experience with my mum, who struggled with anxiety and depression for much of her adult life and didn’t receive the right support. Many would be surprised to know this, she always had a smile and a joke for everyone she met. Looking back, I feel that my mum, like so many others, would have benefited  from early intervention, ongoing holistic supports, and a reconnection with the community that would have allowed  for the self-management  of mental wellness.

Gerri’s Place is not just a physical place, where wellness breaks take place. It’s also a vision,  a feeling of becoming empowered and striving toward mental wellness.  A state of mind that one can reflect on and use when  needed- supported by the practical tools, tips and activities that you learn on one of our breaks.  Gerri’s place is a calm house, immersed in nature with a  music room, art room, workshop, garden and meditation and wellness facilities.

The people who attend will be facing similar life challenges. Each group will gather for two days to connect, reset, renew and have an opportunity to experience a range of wellness tools that they can then use to support themselves. They will have the opportunity to try a range of therapeutic activities and workshops, whilst also having time and space to reflect on what works for them, and to rest. These breaks are designed to empower and help people find the right, personalised path to wellness.

In time, Gerri’s Place will have a supplementary vibrant, active, safe, and supportive online support network where people can stay connected to to each other, to Gerri’s Place, and the wider community. We envisage this as a place to listen and be heard, a safe space to discuss what is going on in their life without judgement or consequence, a community that will help to reduce the sense of isolation and loneliness that many people feel.

We are just beginning our journey, but truly believe that we can make a difference.

​Rebecca Sheridan,
CEO and Founder
​Gerri’s Place 

Empowering People, by giving choice.
Gerri’s Place…

Caters for people experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, disconnection, disillusionment with available services.

Works with adults who want to explore non-medical options, are open to holistic support, and need time and space to reflect and reconnect with themselves and others.

People wanted to be treated as a person first,
with understanding and empathy.