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Our Wellbeing Breaks

Gerri's Place / Our Wellbeing Breaks

Our Wellbeing Breaks

Gerri’s Place provides wellbeing breaks to adults who are struggling with their mental wellbeing, who are experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or burnout.

​Our breaks are ideal for those who have expressed an interest in and a desire to explore a holistic person-centred support.  Our breaks give people much needed time and space to explore therapeutic self-care tools to reconnect to themselves, become empowered and plan their own path to wellness .

You can explore non-clinical options and holistic supports, when you need time and space to reflect, reconnect with yourself and others. You will experience a range of wellness tools that you can use in your everyday life to feel better, take control, and design your own personal path to wellness.


Community Referral Wellbeing Breaks


​The ethos of Gerri’s Place is provide early access to affordable mental wellbeing services. Therefore, we are providing access to the majority of our breaks to Community referrals and ​Individuals who are most in need of one of our breaks.

For example adults experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, feeling disconnected or disillusioned with available services, not connected to CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) or in need of those services as deemed by our screening process.

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Coming Soon: Our Wellbeing Breaks in 2024

Specialist Wellbeing Breaks

​We will provide niche wellness breaks that focus on bringing individuals together who are facing similar challenges in life and experiencing stress and anxiety as a result.

​For example, carers, patients post cancer care, people who are grieving or have been bereaved by suicide, women struggling with symptoms of menopause to name but a few potential groups. This will allow us to tailor the services and types of therapeutic activities that we offer to the relevant groups.

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Corporate Wellbeing Breaks

Corporate wellness programs strive to nurture both physical and mental wellness in employees, regardless of the work environment.  Many companies in our initial research indicated that they want to move beyond good intention, and realise a true culture of wellbeing. To do this they must make positive health and wellbeing a core business priority (IBEC Wellbeing Index).

We will be seeking to partner with companies to provide corporate wellness programs that strive to nurture both physical and mental wellness. We have exciting plans for our corporate wellness programmes which we will reveal shortly!

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“The weekend had such a range of workshops where I learnt not only about myself but also many invaluable tips for coping and staying grounded in my day to day life”.

Aimee (Wellness Break March 2022)


Currently we are holding weekend breaks every month at Sheepwalk house in Arklow, a beautifully renovated 18th century farmhouse. We provide a choice of supportive activities such as music and art therapy, stress reduction workshops, yoga and meditation, and wholesome meals prepared onsite. These help people identify the therapeutic activities that work for them and they can in turn use in their everyday lives, thus helping to promote and enhance their wellness.​


Each Weekend Break currently costs €250 per person.
​This cost is fully inclusive of all classes, activities, accommodation and all meals.
We also provide an option for those unwaged at a reduced cost of €100.  With our Pay it Forward model we also plan to have a number of fully subsidised breaks per year.

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We accept donations and fundraising commitments from individuals and businesses.  To give you an idea of how donations are spent:
Every €500 will fund one wellness weekend break for one person
Every €2000 will fund one wellness break for four people
Every €5000 will fund one of our research programmes

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We want to give people an opportunity to reconnect to themselves and others and to nature. There is increasing evidence to show that Nature-based interventions for common mental health issues are in considerable demand.