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Gerri's Place / Testimonials

Feedback from our Wellness Breaks

Gerri’s Place participant

“A weekend retreat at Gerri’s place is like a magical spiritual journey for the hurt, the wounded, the tired or the just plain worn out. It renews your spirit, revitalises your energy and inspires you to want to continue giving yourself the wonderful care you have received during the retreat, to come back into the world and live your best life!”


“I felt I was coming back to myself during the course of this weekend. All the little tips and tricks I was learning made me feel like I was more in control of myself, my feelings and my future going forward.” “I am truly grateful for the time I spent at Gerri’s Place. My weekend there couldn’t have come at a better time. As soon as I arrived I felt my shoulders drop and I began to relax. It was as if I had just entered a safe space to be myself and let go of my worries. The weekend had such a range of workshops, where I learnt not only about myself but also many invaluable tips for coping and staying grounded in my day to day life...I left Gerri’s Place feeling relaxed, grounded and re-energised.”

Gerri’s Place participant

“We all arrived at Gerri’s place not knowing what to expect, all of us overloaded with stress. I noticed by the evening smiles beginning to appear. By Sunday we were laughing, lots of sincere greetings and constantly watching out for each other. The energy that began small between us initially, it generated into an electric storm. Incredible energy which we have taken home with us. I am through the week now and everyday is actually getting better. We greet each other on the group chat and by all accounts all 7 of us are in a positive place. I am looking forward to life all thanks to the wonderful hosts at Gerri’s Place.” “I loved the variety of therapists. The way they complemented each other, the way they shared their experiences and wisdom with us. They shared with us tools that are vital to our overall well being. They taught us how to be mindful in a fun, lovely nature walk. Lots of meditation throughout. I’m very thankful to them for their wisdom.”

Gerri’s Place participant

“Gerri’s Place does exactly what it sets out to do in providing us with support and tools to help deal with stress and anxiety. My personal experience was that from my time at arrival to departure I felt so safe and supported by the fellow users and organisers of the weekend.”


“I learned loads of new ways to deal with stress and life’s challenges. A lot of these skills I can now do on my own. I met some lovely guests, it was completely confidential and non-judgemental, in a very relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful location. The facilitators were lovely and very helpful. I have loads of friends that I would highly recommend it to.”


“I had been working hard to rebuild myself after my third experience with cancer and the sudden death of my son just two years ago. Because of the pandemic there was no outlet for my grief, and sadly I could not afford the therapies that may have helped me to grieve and to begin the healing process, or to relieve the stress that had built up because of increased anxiety. I was overwhelmed. At just the right time I was offered a free place at Gerri's Place, a retreat for people just like me. There I met six ladies, total strangers, and we began a journey together that would transform us into kindred spirits. A tough journey, but such a rewarding journey. We shared laughter and tears and held each other as the light came through the cracks in our armour and allowed our wounds to begin healing. Not a Xanax, a Valium, a Tramadol or any other plaster we had been using in the past, but real pure raw healing, feeling the pain, experiencing it, but coming out the other side lighter and feeling soothed.” “Gerri’s Place is the perfect andidote, a sanctuary in a toxic society. We need one in every community, so that instead of spreading fear, as we have been doing for a long, long time, we can spread compassion. And in the process, we may even restore our natural warm-hearted culture. I am so so grateful for having been blessed with this opportunity. It has probably saved my life.”

Gerri’s Place participant

“The weekend was excellent from start to finish as in the professionalism, atmosphere and workshops. Each workshop brought something new to embrace and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.” “Gerri’s Place is an amazing place to settle your mind and feel recharged and empowered again. It was so uplifting and each activity gave me something different. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a little safe and calm space to retreat to for a while.”

Gerri’s Place participant

“If you are feeling low, depressed or anxious this is the place to go. I came back feeling so much better in myself. I didn't realise how depressed I was or how disconnectedI had become from everything. This is probably one of the best things I have done for myself in years.”