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Unlocking Wellness: A Journey in 3 Steps

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Unlocking Wellness: A Journey in 3 Steps

Unlocking Wellness: A Journey in 3 Steps

At Gerri’s Place, we believe in the power of self-care—the act of pausing, reflecting, and embracing gentle changes that enhance your overall well-being on a daily basis. Our unique three-step process—Rest, Reset, Connect—provides a roadmap to empower you to take proactive steps towards maintaining your health.

Rest: Unwind in a Safe Haven

Picture this: a three-hour workshop held in a warmly embraced space where the focus is on ‘Rest.’ Through a curated blend of relaxation practices, engaging group activities, open discussions, and shared experiences, participants delve into the essence of what rest truly means for their bodies, minds, and emotions. Held in January and February, our previous workshops were a resounding success, creating a sanctuary for self-reflection and rejuvenation.

Reset: Understanding Your Body’s Communication Network

Enter the realm of ‘Reset,’ where we unravel the mysteries of the nervous system—the intricate communication network between our inner world and the external environment. By gaining insights into how your body functions during both ease and challenge, you’ll equip yourself with the tools to be present in the moment, meet your own needs, and restore a sense of balance. It’s an eye-opening experience that fosters a deeper connection with your own well-being.

Connect: Strengthening Relationships, Inside and Out

The final step, ‘Connect,’ invites you to explore the relationships you have or aspire to build—with yourself, your community, and your support network. Through thoughtful examination, participants discover the significance of nurturing meaningful connections as a crucial component of their overall wellness.

Our evidence-based workshop incorporates a variety of modalities tailored to the group’s needs and venue facilities. From nervous system theory and trauma-informed mindfulness to somatic experiencing, journaling, creative writing, breathwork, forest bathing, embodied processing, WRAP, and compassion practice—we cover it all.

Save the Date for the Next Workshop: April 6th, 2024

As we eagerly look ahead, mark your calendars for our upcoming workshop on April 6th, 2024. Join us for another transformative experience where you’ll gain:

  • A foundational understanding of how your nervous system influences your well-being.
  • Practical tools and exercises to meet yourself at any emotional state.
  • Increased awareness of approaching self-care with gentleness and compassion.

At Gerri’s Place, we’re committed to guiding you on your journey toward wellness. Take the first step—join us on April 6th and unlock a path to a healthier, more connected you.