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What is Gerri’s Place?

Gerri’s place is a non-profit, social enterprise that provides wellbeing breaks for people who need time and space to focus on their emotional and mental wellbeing. ​

​Our aim is to provide inclusive support to those with mild depression, anxiety, stress or burnout and provide access to a range of affordable and holistic therapies.

Over the course of a weekend, we provide a range of wellness tools that people can subsequently use in their everyday lives, to feel better, take control, become empowered and ultimately assist them in designing their own personal path to wellness.

Why we do it

Mental health challenges cost the Irish economy over € 8.2 billion a year.


One in four Irish people say that their mental health deteriorated during the pandemic and one in five say their general health has declined, according to a survey published by RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences (August 2021).


Ireland had one of the highest rates (3/36 countries) of mental health illness in Europe with 17.6% of the Irish population recorded as having a mental health illness such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, or alcohol/drug use in 2019.
OECD, Health at a Glance Report 2018.          https://ourworldindata.org/mental-health​

Our evidence shows that there are not enough supports available to those struggling with their emotional and mental well-being. Gerri’s Place aims to provide early intervention to those who are struggling before they feel the need to access more formal mental health services.​

Our Wellbeing Breaks

Gerri’s Place are launching the Community Referral well-being breaks initially,  from one location  – Sheepwalk House in Wicklow.  Next year we plan to launch our specialist and corporate breaks, in conjunction with providing a supportive and informative online community.


Time & Space
For Individuals who want to explore non-clinical holistic support. They need time and space to reflect, reconnect with themselves and others. At Gerri’s Place they can experience wellness tools that they can use in their everyday lives


Group Support
For individuals who are facing or have faced similar challenges in life and are experiencing stress and anxiety as a result. For example carers who need respite, healthcare staff, those bereaved, women struggling with menopause or patients post cancer care.


Corporate Program
For companies who want to invest in their employees mental wellness, we will be seeking to partner with them in providing corporate wellness programmes that strive to nurture both physical and mental wellness, thus improving workforce health.


February 29th 2023

Gerri’s Place Releases Annual Report for 2022, with very positive outcomes.

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February 2nd 2023

Gerri’s Place receives approval for first of its kind research study in Ireland

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Our next online event is a Soundbath  on Thursday the 27th April

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Our aim is to provide inclusive support to those with mild depression, anxiety, stress or burnout and provide access to a range of affordable and holistic therapies. To do this, we need your help. We also facilitate those wishing to “donate a break” on behalf of others.
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“From the moment I arrived I felt extremely comfortable. I learned lots of new ways to deal with stress and life’s challenges. A lot of these I now can do on my own.”

Helen (Wellness Break March 2022)

Gerri’s Place aims  to provide an inclusive space for people to focus on their emotional and mental well-being

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